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[Mgs] car audio question

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Subject: [Mgs] car audio question
From: "Councill, David" <>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 08:47:10 -0600
I am hoping to get my 72B back on the road. Its ready but I am just waiting
for dry weather since I live on a dirt road and the car is pretty much
restored (there is a relative term for you). The one problem I have had is
that the CD player has not been working reliably. It usually works when it is
cold outside but the warmer it gets, the more likely I get the deadly "err 6"
on the display and no sound. It's a Clarion I got from my son after we
compared several CD decks that we had. This one had the smallest depth but it
still sticks out of the console maybe =". So I would like to replace it but
the depth of course is a major factor. The ability to plug in a mp3 player (or
an iPod) through an aux input would also be good since I have a very extensive
collection of albums in mp3 format, mostly British music of course.

So does anyone have some recommendations based on what they are running that
will fit in a early 70s B console? I am looking for cheap (only because it's a
convertible) with some kind of mp3 player direct input (I tried the FM
receiver mp3 device but there seems to be too much FM interference around
here).  Something readily available in the USA I should add. I did some
checking at Best Buy's website but their car fit lookup tool says nothing will
fit in my 72B. At least the car is listed in the tool.

David Councill


72 MGB

74 Toyota Landcruiser

01 Land Rover Discovery II
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