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Re: [Mgs] car audio question

To: "Councill, David" <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] car audio question
From: Aaron Whiteman <>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 08:50:22 -0700
On Apr 3, 2008, at 7:47 AM, Councill, David wrote:
> So does anyone have some recommendations based on what they are  
> running that
> will fit in a early 70s B console? I am looking for cheap (only  
> because it's a
> convertible) with some kind of mp3 player direct input (I tried the FM
> receiver mp3 device but there seems to be too much FM interference  
> around
> here).  Something readily available in the USA I should add. I did  
> some
> checking at Best Buy's website but their car fit lookup tool says  
> nothing will
> fit in my 72B. At least the car is listed in the tool.

Unfortunately, I think I'm not going to be any help.  I suspect the  
console for the '75 is bigger than the '72.  Just the same, I have a  
Pioneer from a few years back that works fairly well in my B.

It doesn't have iPod specific capabilities, but the Pioneer CD-bus  
can be used to provide an AUX interface (2x RCA plugs, which is easy  
enough to convert to headphones).  I've not had any problems with any

I've been recently considering replacing it, mostly because I have to  
use the remote to change the volume (the rotary dial is not reliable).

One thing I've noted, you will need to consider an amp if you don't  
have speakers in the door.  I have two speakers in boxes on the shelf  
behind the seats and hear things just fine when the top is up.  When  
the top is down, the higher-frequency sounds get lost fighting the  
wind and the folded roof.  A good sized amplifier in the boot helps.

Aaron Whiteman --
'75 B (red for now), HIF4 carbs
Support Team.Net

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