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Re: [Mgs] car audio question

To: Matt Trebelhorn <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] car audio question
From: Matt Trebelhorn <>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 18:54:49 -0400
In my wife's Fiat spider, we have an original Fiat-branded radio --  
AM-only, mono -- to which I added an iPod line-in.

I'm contemplating doing something similar for the MG and pulling out  
the early-90s cassette deck that I have in it now (though it is a  
blaupunkt with a line-in, so it works pretty well)

I'll second what was said earlier about using an amplifier.  I have  
two amps, 4 speakers.  Speakers behind the seats use a 50 watt per  
channel amp in the trunk; door speakers use a small-ish 30 watt per  
channel amp behind the dash.  It sounds pretty nice.  Amps and  
speakers are all ebay.  Previous-generation amps aren't "cool"  
anymore, but still do the business.

Oh, and I have the packaway top.  A fold-down would cover up the  
speakers in back!

When I installed the blaupunkt in my car 15+ years ago, the  
interference was slight.  The back of the radio pressed against the  
plastic elbows that direct air to the defroster vents.  Install on a  
hot day when the plastic is pliable, and you can get away with a  
little bit.

Good luck,
Support Team.Net

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