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Re: [Mgs] MG sighting - the octagon

To: Matt Trebelhorn <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] MG sighting - the octagon
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2008 22:53:00 -0600
   My understanding was that the YUGO GV series was a Fiat 128.  There 
was a 1500 FI YUGO GVX, 5-spd.  I have a repro of the factory shop 
manual that shows both engines.  Lots of YUGO enthusiasts have swapped 
Fiat x 1/9 power trains into the GV & GVX.  It's amazing how much of 
that stuff is interchangeable.  Mine was an 1100cc, 4-spd GV with a carb 
and more capillary tubes running around the engine compartment than you 
could count.  Still, it could cruise at 70 mph and get 35 mpg doing it. 
  I built a replacement  engine out of parts and sold it, running, to a 
young couple here in Kerrville for $250.  I told 'em to call me if they 
had any trouble with it; never heard from them again.  I still have most 
of a 1100 cc engine.  Anyone want it?  I'll give it away to the first comer.


Matt Trebelhorn wrote:
> A Yugo with a 1500 and injection could be a pretty nice car; with 
> 1100ccs, a lousy carb, an air pump, and a cat, it can be slow.
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