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Re: [Mgs] UK registration numbers

Subject: Re: [Mgs] UK registration numbers
From: Charles Hill <>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 22:27:01 -0500

Where in Missouri are you?

If you don't like the current Missouri plates, just wait.  A new design 
is being introduced this spring.
If you still don't like them, there is the option of "year of 
manufacture" plates if the car qualifies for historic plates.  An added 
bonus with this option is that a front plate is not required.  You are 
subject to the same restrictions as with historic plates though but with 
the same benefit of no annual fees. 

Charles Hill
Also from Missouri

David F. Darby wrote:
> Thanks Paul et al.
> There used to be some sites where one could look up when and where number 
> plates were initially issued, but they seem to have dried up.
> I found a nice plate at a swap meet the other day:  DAR 9B. As it 
> approximates my surname it was a must-have. It's stamped aluminum, painted 
> black, and looks great on the front of the black Magnette (Z-type). The 
> feller I bought it from claims it was imported stateside whilst attached to 
> an MGA.
> I'm sure it will attract the attention of the Missouri Highway Constabulary, 
> but I'll keep the official MO tag under the front seat to try to ward off a 
> citation. Actually, I've been running without the required front plate for 
> the past ten years without drawing the attention of the local gendarmes.
> I might vent here that I think the citizens of this sovereign state should 
> be excused from running the current issue of tags as they are not only 
> egregiously bad from an aesthetic point of view, but downright ugly as 
> home-made sin to boot! They are an embarrassingly wussy, namby-pamby pastel 
> bluish hue intergrading into white, with a whimsical font and a cutesy green 
> zig-zag graphic along the top. It nearly broke my heart when I had to remove 
> the industrial-grade stamped steel plates that had endured for so many 
> decades. It's enough to make a fellow want to move off to Kansas.
> David 
Support Team.Net

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