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Re: [Mgs] Engine installation advice

Subject: Re: [Mgs] Engine installation advice
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 12:55:19 -0400
  Congratulations.  It's a good time to get driving again.
  1) I install the mounts loosely to the car before swinging the engine
in.  Could do it either way, I suppose, but the less time fingers are in
pinch places the better. 
  2) What worked best for me last time was to get the engine hanging with
gearbox dangling, then mount the Xmember to gearbox with the nuts pulled
up most of the way, a bit tighter than loose.  Access under the car is
awkward at best unless you have drilled holes in the Xmember.  Then I
lowered the engine and pushed up on the Xmember to get its four bolts
into place.  
  3)  The OD switch is left side, just out of finger-reach from the shift
lever hole.  I don't know the purpose of the third switch you
described--it may be the TCSA (transmission-controlled spark advance)
device.  Do use your meter and see that these switches are working as
they should before gearbox is in place as they are difficult to access
once the Xmember is bolted up.  
On Tue, 3 Jun 2008 12:42:00 -0400 "Ed Woods" <>
> Listers,
> Well, after two years, I'm finally ready to reinstall the engine and  
> transmission, to which I've added overdrive, into my '72 MGB. I have 
> all the shop manuals, hardcopy and CD, but wonder what the group
> might be to ease installation. The engine is mated to the gearbox, by
> way.
> 1. Should the motor mounts be affixed to either the engine or the 
> car before  installing; or, neither, that is, wait until the engine is
> position  before placing the mounts.
> 2. What's the easiest way to install the transmission mounts? To the  
> transmission? To the crossmember? Before or after everything's in 
> position?
> Aside: None of my books/manuals showed the positions of the reverse 
> and  overdrive switches on the gearbox top cover. Nor did any indicate 
> the  function of the 3rd switch to the right and rear on the top cover.

> Since  that one's "on" in any gear, I figure it must me some kind of 
> "start"  interlock used on later cars. I don't really know the source
of this  
> overdrive transmission. The large switch, forward right hand side, 
> is for  the back up lights. The switch on the left is the overdrive 
> interlock.
> Thanks in advance for any and all guidance.
> Ed Woods 
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