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[Mgs] Engine installation advice

To: "MGS" <>
Subject: [Mgs] Engine installation advice
From: "Ed Woods" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 12:42:00 -0400

Well, after two years, I'm finally ready to reinstall the engine and 
transmission, to which I've added overdrive, into my '72 MGB. I have all the 
shop manuals, hardcopy and CD, but wonder what the group experience might be 
to ease installation. The engine is mated to the gearbox, by the way.

1. Should the motor mounts be affixed to either the engine or the car before 
installing; or, neither, that is, wait until the engine is in position 
before placing the mounts.

2. What's the easiest way to install the transmission mounts? To the 
transmission? To the crossmember? Before or after everything's in position?

Aside: None of my books/manuals showed the positions of the reverse and 
overdrive switches on the gearbox top cover. Nor did any indicate the 
function of the 3rd switch to the right and rear on the top cover. Since 
that one's "on" in any gear, I figure it must me some kind of "start" 
interlock used on later cars. I don't really know the source of this 
overdrive transmission. The large switch, forward right hand side, is for 
the back up lights. The switch on the left is the overdrive interlock.

Thanks in advance for any and all guidance.

Ed Woods 
Support Team.Net

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