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Re: [Mgs] Engine installation advice

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Subject: Re: [Mgs] Engine installation advice
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Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008 15:54:17 +0100
As far as I know on the original system it sounded a buzzer if the engine was
in gear but the drivers belt not fastened, or the passenger seat occupied but
belt not fastened.  Presumably working on the theory that the occupants would
rather fasten their seat-belts than smash the buzzer!  The same buzzer sounded
if the key was in the ignition with the drivers door open.  Obviously smashing
the buzzer *was* a common occurrence, so two years later in the more complex
system all the switches went to various inputs on a box of electronic
trickery, and that disabled the starter if the belts weren't fastened.  Don't
forget both these systems were at the behest of the American Government who
specified the conditions, but not how to achieve it, and not dreamt up by MG.
I understand American manufacturers objected to the requirements (on the basis
of technical complexity according to one account I have read) which was why it
only lasted for a year or so.  After that the system was even less intrusive
than the original, only sounding the buzzer for a period of time if the belts
weren't fastened and not continuously.  The UK only ever got a warning light
on the timer, and not the buzzer.

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  That 3rd switch is "on" when the transmission is engaged in any gear. I can
see how that might be useful as an "engine start" interlock, but what's the
logic behind using it as part of a seatbelt warning system?
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