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[Mgs] Power Fade and Recover

To: MG List <>
Subject: [Mgs] Power Fade and Recover
From: "Robert J. Guinness" <>
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2008 15:12:37 -0500
After replacing my cylinder head, rebuilding the carbs, adjusting the 
valves, re-timing the engine, balancing the carbs, and adjusting the 
idle, I get a power "fade" after about 15 minutes of driving.  The car 
runs rough (no backfire though  --  just a loose "fluffing" like sound 
as if its missing a few beats with no power for a few minutes.  Then, 
all of a sudden, it will roar back to a tight, finely tuned powerhouse.  
I assume it is a fuel delivery problem.  Where do I start the 
diagnostics?  The car is a 1960 MGA with a 1963 MGB 1800 engine and the 
original MGA carbs.

Also, where can I search this list's archive.  The link to says the domain name is for sale.

Thanks in advance.
Robert Guinness
Support Team.Net

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