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Subject: Re: [Mgs] MAG electrical
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Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 13:47:11 +0100
Not charging, then, that is what the ignition light being on while the engine
is running is telling you.  As Richard has said it could be connections or
dynamo (I assume), or control box.

Check all the connections to the control-box are clean and tight.

You can check the dynamo by disconnecting the wires from it, linking the two
terminals, and connecting a voltmeter between that link and an earth/ground.
Start the engine (needs a half-decent battery of course, get this charged
before you start) and *slowly* increase the engine revs while watching the
voltmeter carefully.  Do not allow the voltmeter to exceed 20v, and it should
reach this by 1000rpm.  If the voltmeter only gets as high as 0.5-1v the field
winding may be faulty.  If it reads 4-5v the armature windings may be faulty,
the brushes sticking or worn, or the commutator so worn that the insulators
are above the segments.  If you get the correct voltage from the dynamo it
looks like control-box or connections.

See here how to bench-test the control-box

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  ... The ignition light stays on  while the engine is running. Monday I had
to bump the car off down hill to get it started.
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