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Re: [Mgs] ring gear removal

Subject: Re: [Mgs] ring gear removal
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 20:49:09 -0400 (EDT)
Well I finally got it off. I used the method Barney suggested but I didn't
hold it in my lap! This time I placed the flywheel again on edge, but on
the concrete steps in my garage (the wooden block I had been setting it on
before was probably absorbing some of the energy). I took a sharp cold
chisel and placed it in the groove I had already started with a hacksaw.
This time I hit at an angle, not straight down. After a couple of whacks I
remembered to put on safety glasses. After a glancing blow to my hand I
remembered to put on gloves :)

A few more whacks and I noticed a gap growing between the gear and the
shoulder of the flywheel. I used the chisel in the gap to open t a bit
then I was able to just knock the ring gear off in one piece using the
hammer. I suspect I grew the inner diameter of the gear a bit. Thanks for
all the ideas and encouragement. Couldn't resist holding the gear in my
hand and hitting it to hear it ring. Having reached a state of
onomatopoeia I took a break to post. When its time to install the new one
I may borrow my brothers oxyacetylene outfit. He also has one of those
handy pyrometers that could useful in heating it the right amount. On with
the rebuild.......

Dave Culgan
'66 MGB

PS Time to put a plug in for American Automotive machine shop in Newport
Delaware. I dropped off the block and my pistons the other day to see what
needs to be done. Brian and Michael, the owner, are great to work with. I
think Michael has done a fair amount of MG work over the years. I'm
working on a really tight budget and just like my preferred parts
supplier, Jim Knight at British Racing Green in Newark Delaware, they
understand this and tailor their advice to my situation. I'd recommend
them to anyone in this region.

> From: Barney Gaylord <>
> Forget the mallet and wood block. Those only serve to absorb the
> shock.  Use a cold chisel and a two pound steel hammer.  Cut the ring
> gear about half way through with a hacksaw between teeth (as you
> already did).  Place the chisel tip in the cut, tilt it slightly in
> the direction of one of the gear teeth, and give it a good whack with
> the heavy steel hammer.  It makes no difference what the flywheel is
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