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The 'Scots' were those who came over from Dalriata in Ireland in the 
5th century, one of which was Ferus MacErc.  They eventually took 
over the Picts, original inhabitants of Scotland then called Alba - 
(thus Albion) and the name "Scots" was adopted.

One thing is for sure - They did not have any mode of transport made 
by British Leyland

At 05:30 AM 1/9/2009, Paul Hunt wrote:
>We weren't 'English' until after the Angles 'landed'.  There were Celts here
>before that, and they got pushed into Wales and Ireland.  Scots are a
>derivation of those, and they pushed the Picts out.  There were people is what
>is now England before the North Sea separated us from continental Europe, I
>very much doubt they spoke 'English', even though we may still have a few
>words left over from then (probably rude ones).
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>   Despite Wikipedia the English language was spoken in Britain long
>   before anyone landed from foreign shores.
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