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Re: [Mgs] Common Language

Subject: Re: [Mgs] Common Language
From: Malcolm Jeffcock <>
Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2009 08:07:04 -0400
Like most MG enthusiasts I am not a linguist nor an anthropologist and have 
read this thread off and on. If its of interest the Geordie dialect, English 
with a twist in NEast England has a significant base in the language of the 
Scandinavian visitors from a long gone time, the Vikings. Anyone who has 
experienced the French spoken by either the Acadians and the Cajuns will 
know a language far different than Parisienne French, a language that 
incorporates words of the primary language that surrounded the French 
speakers for the last 300 hundred year: English. It happens all the time. We 
had a maternity leave fill in as a legal assistant who we let go because she 
kept transcribing dictation as though she was texting "2" instead of "to" 
and the like...who knows what English will be in 50 years after all that 

We all are influenced by what's around us-----even to the extent that Miata 
seats are in MG's!!!Lets get back to cars.


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> We weren't 'English' until after the Angles 'landed'.  There were Celts 
> here
> before that, and they got pushed into Wales and Ireland.  Scots are a
> derivation of those, and they pushed the Picts out.  There were people is 
> what
> is now England before the North Sea separated us from continental Europe, 
> I
> very much doubt they spoke 'English', even though we may still have a few
> words left over from then (probably rude ones).
> PaulH.
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>  Despite Wikipedia the English language was spoken in Britain long
>  before anyone landed from foreign shores.
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