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Subject: Re: [Mgs] pulling engine
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Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 09:10:10 -0000
Noticed this on your page -

"And here it is, ready to go. Interestingly enough the two dizzy's were 180
degrees apart. Just move the wires and you're done. The mistake I made was not
having a second base plate. Now if this thing fails I have to reset the old
one when I put it in. I am in the process of obtaining another one, then I'll
drop it in, set the timing, and it will be plug and play. Important if you're
on a dark road at night."

Just an observation that if a distributor has been disassembled at any time
then it's possible to put them back together 180 degrees different to how they
were before, which is when the plug wires have to be moved round two
positions.  Note I'm *not* saying you can put the distributor back in the
engine 180 degrees out, you can't.

Secondly the distributor clamp plate mounting holes are ovalled to give timing
adjustment.  Unless you deliberately put both clamp plates in the engine at
one and the same extremity of their adjustment and set the timing there by
sliding the distributors in the clamp plate you aren't going to be able to
swap distributors without retiming.  However the range of timing isn't huge,
I'm sure in most case the engine would start and run enough to get you where
you are going wherever in the range you put it, but would still need retiming.
If you *do* put it at one extremity then you have lost the ability to tweak
the timing easily, in one direction at least, it is better to move the clamp
plate on the engine than move the distributor in the clamp plate for small
retiming adjustments.   Personally I always carry a timing light anyway, it is
an essential diagnostic tool for an engine that has suddenly stopped or won't

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