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Re: [Mgs] positive ground

To: oliver <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] positive ground
From: Richard Gosling <>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 12:59:45 +0100
The ignition circuit shouldn't care which way round it is wired - the
distributor, coil and spark plugs will work either way.

Starter motor - I would have said I'm not sure, but since you managed to
start the car I guess it spins the same way whichever way it is connected.

Dynamo - I'm guessing it won't be too happy to be connected the wrong way
round.  It wouldn't prevent you starting and running it, but it might damage
the dynamo.

At this stage I guess you haven't tried to operate anything else
electrical.  Lights etc. clearly don't care, wiper motor I guess does care,
but if it does it's more likely to work wrong than suffer damage (but this
is from general knowledge/education and intuition, not specific experience,
so don't count on it!).  Same may be true of any electrical gauges (e.g.
fuel), although it's possible they do actually work correctly either way
round, I'm not sure.  Radio, if fitted, won't like it.

No idea how you'd tell for sure if it had been converted, but instictively
I'd start at the dynamo for clues.


2009/4/20 oliver <>

> just picked up a 52 td last week.
> sat in a garage 30  years.  the dpo put a battery in it, and this weekend
> we got it running.
> am a little concerned, tho, because the battery is in standard position,
> and the car should be positive ground.
> is there a way to tell if it was ever converted to negative ground?
> would it start and run if the battery was in backwards?
> what should i do at this point?
> i wouldn't mind having it positive ground.
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