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Subject: Re: [Mgs] positive ground
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Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 09:06:05 -0600
This is true but to clarify on the "later" fuel pumps as in later
produced. The original pumps in the early MGBs (and presumably in the TD
world) were not polarity conscious as I recall. But buy a replacement
one now and they are specifically sold by polarity. Doesn't this seem
like a step backwards? For example, on my 67BGT, if it has the original
fuel pump (quite possible) I can change my polarity if I desire. But if
the pump has been replaced in recent years, I would likely have to
replace the pump or do some internal modification. Looking at the Moss
catalogues on-line, I see this is the case for TC/TD/TF as well - fuel
pumps are sold by polarity.

David Councill

67 BGT



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Subject: Re: [Mgs] positive ground

Only the later MGB fuel pumps were polarity conscious, but just like
such pumps - diode quenched points and pointless - can be retro-fitted
to earlier MGB then I'm guessing they could be fitted to earlier MGs
with similar pumps as well.  Waiting until you have started the engine
to see what polarity it outputs would be too late for a pointless pump,
but shouldn't hurt a diode-quenched pump.  If you know it is a points
pump then disconnect the harness from the dynamo, link the F and D
terminals, start then engine and see what polarity it generates.  But
have a voltmeter between the output terminal and ground from the outset
and don't rev the engine so that it outputs more than 20v.


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        I would check the generator with a voltmeter so see which way it
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