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Re: [Mgs] oil filter

Subject: Re: [Mgs] oil filter
From: Glenn Schnittke <>
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 19:10:00 -0600
I've actually been using a Fram PH43 for the last few years without 
problems, however this last one I bought is crap. The flowback, as 
usual. I can't remember why I started on the Fram kick. May have been 
the cute cashier at Pep Boys.

Goin' back to NAPA. Pep Boy's don't carry WIX.

> Suitable oil filters for this adapter can be found on the same web 
> page.  I happen to like NAPA Gold filters which are made by WIX and 
> essentially same as WIX filters except for paint and brand 
> name.  There have been very bad reviews of Fram oil filters, but it 
> has been a while since those studies were published, and I do not 
> know if anthing has changed more recently.
> Barney Gaylord
> 1958 MGA with an attitude
> At 12:27 PM 12/15/2009 -0500, Bernie Grabow wrote:
>> >....
>> >I have a 73 mgbgt with the later type inverted renewable oil 
>> >filter.  I have two questions.  After removing the oil filter I see 
>> >a small metal tube about 4 inches long that is press fitted into the 
>> >threaded hole that the oil filter element screws down onto with the 
>> >metal tube fitting up into the oil filter.  What is the purpose of 
>> >this tube (it easily pulls out of the hole) Is this standard or did 
>> >the PO stick that tube in there for some reason?  My second question 
>> >is what is the best oil filter to use and the part number?

Tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight.

                        - Psuedolus


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