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Re: [Mgs] oil filter

Subject: Re: [Mgs] oil filter
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 14:50:19 -0500
  That's an insidious problem with oil filters.  Unless it leaks or
bursts one does not know of a problem and, with respect to filtration,
one does not know how effectively it is doing its job until an engine
   Once upon a time, Fram reps would cut apart filters at tech sessions
to demonstrate how theirs were superior to others. Circa 1974, I worked
for a warehouse distributor of auto parts. The Fram reps and Penzoil reps
presented these sessions frequently.Pennzoil would use electric drills to
spin steel rods into depressions on a steel plate, and squirt in their
oil and others. They made a big point that parafinnic (sp?) oils were far
better lubricants than asphaltic. We wondered, since Nascar cars were
using Texaco asphaltic base oils, but it was a good demo with hot steel,
smoke and oil smells.  The Gates belt reps would shred belts for
show&tell also. The Gates reps lost some credibility when they introduced
an all-plastic wiper blade that worked fine until temps fell to 20 or so,
whereupon it was so stiff that it would not wipe a curved windshield. 

On Tue, 15 Dec 2009 19:10:00 -0600 Glenn Schnittke
<> writes:
> I've actually been using a Fram PH43 for the last few years without 
> problems, however this last one I bought is crap. The flowback, as 
> usual. I can't remember why I started on the Fram kick. May have 
> been 
> the cute cashier at Pep Boys.
> Goin' back to NAPA. Pep Boy's don't carry WIX.
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