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[Mgs] MGA muffler

Subject: [Mgs] MGA muffler
From: don <>
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 14:31:46 -0800
Hello list,
Now that I'm retired, I am cleaning up the old MGA from years of 
sitting.  Mice and rats used it for a home.  Anyway, finally got it 
fired up.  Now, I am realizing that part of the reason that I didn't 
use it much was that it was too damn loud.  It has a glasspack 
muffler and it's too loud for these old ears.
So, does anyone out there in MG land have a muffler that they never 
installed that they would like to sell? (remote chance of this, I know)
More likely, I will buy one new.  Can anyone offer their 
recommendation on what's best for the money?

>Don Scott
>Calistoga CA
>2001 Miata SE BRG
>1973 MGB GT
>1962 MGA Mk II
>1967 MGB (not quite yet)


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