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Re: [Mgs] MGA muffler

To: "Larry Daniels" <>, <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] MGA muffler
From: Barney Gaylord <>
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2009 08:36:41 -0600
Supertrap mufflers are not intended to be quiet.  It is first of all 
a straight through pipe with negligable restriction.  The primary 
function of the end plates is to adjust the desired back 
pressure.  Increasing back pressure can improve engine torque in the 
lower speed range with a highly strung racing engine (translation 
"racing camshaft").  If you restrict flow and increase back pressure 
enough to make the Supertrap quiet the engine performance will suffer badly.

At 07:25 AM 12/24/2009 -0600, Larry Daniels wrote:
>I have heard that they are not very efficient.  IOW, they rob horsepower.
>From: "Steven Trovato" <>
>Sent: Wednesday, December 23, 2009 8:18 PM
>To: "Jim Juhas" <>; "don" <>;
>Subject: Re: [Mgs] MGA muffler
>That is an option.  The appearance is very non-original, if that 
>matters to you at all.
>At 08:49 PM 12/23/2009, Jim Juhas wrote:
> >Don:
> >
> >I do race my MGA but even so, my muffler solution might be of 
> interest to you.
> >
> >I use a SuperTrap muffler I bought from Pegasus Racing (good 
> people).  The sound and back pressure is controlled by installing 
> dispersion disks at the outlet.


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