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Subject: Re: [Mgs] sandblasting
From: Barrie Robinson <>
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 08:58:38 -0500

I am having all my Aston parts "sand"blasted.  The aluminium 
bits,which were quite robust, did not do well with the stuff they 
used for steel, gave a sort of a funny finish - but was soon 
fixed.  For the next parts they used a proper aluminium "gind" and 
parts came out looking gorgeous.   To me the grind would be very fine 
- 220 yes?   However, I think that crushed walnut shells are used on 
aluminium bodys.  I calculated that it was cheaper to batch up all my 
bits and give them to a professional shop.  The advantage that I had 
was that they powder coat there too.   To do all the bits, blasted 
and coated, will cost less than $1,000 - which is much less than 
machines, grit, electricity, powder coating, elastaplast, and trips 
to the hardware shop................but same amount of beer.

At 09:12 PM 12/29/2009, Councill, David wrote:
>I have purchased a blast cabinet from Horrible Freight because the price
>was right and it will be handy during my latest restoration of a 64B.
>The question I have concerns the media. I have immediate need to clean
>up parts like rusty pedals, brake cover, air filters assemblies to think
>of a few and wonder about what sandblasting media would be best. HF was
>limited on selection and my initial research indicated the best blast
>media for the application would probably be a fine aluminum oxide
>abrasive. All they had was the 70 grit and the staff person thought I'd
>be better off with the out of stock 220 grit. For those of you with
>sandblasting equipment, what do you use or recommend for blast media?
>David Councill
>64 B
>67 BGT
>72 B
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