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Re: [Mgs] sandblasting

Subject: Re: [Mgs] sandblasting
From: "Sales at \" Just Brits \"" <>
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 19:03:49 -0600
I WAS just gonna reply to David but realized there
is info in the reply that might assist all of you, so
HERE !!!

<< Maybe I'll still go TP but delivery will be slow, probably a
couple of weeks, >>

Mine come UPS and in 2 - 3 days, David.  And TRUST
me on this, for what you will be doing AT at a LOW
pressure [20 -30 psi or less] Skat-Blast will MORE
then outlast just the current project.  Just a a note,
after a couple minutes of 'blasting' take the item
out of the box and inspect for 'pitting'.  SHOULD be

Even when 'busy' I would guesstimate a MAX of
starting a 2nd 50# bag per year.

Seriously, I can do a "B" Valve Cover, rinse with "Busty"
Brake Cleaner [or laq. thinner] and 'finish paint' right
out of cabinet !!

I have a couple items hanging from ceiling in Front Shop
and I will try in next few day to get you [and List] some
close-up pics and put-up on my site for all.  I am fairly
certain that the 948cc Frogeye Oil Pan has been hanging
for five [5] years 'outta-da-box' and still has ZERO
[even surface] rust !!  A VERY good thing <G> !!!

And for all of you with either home-built or H.F. 'level'
of boxes I will also try to get some pics of how I added
a second INSIDE light to my TipTools 5 FOOT cabinet.
Would also apply to even just a FIRST light<G> !!

Ya'll should also search the AutoX Spridgets Archives
for HOW to set-up a shop-vac for these types of
cabinets.  Make your life WAY easier !!!!  er, dat's just
ONE of the reasons to pop for real McCoy and NOT
the H.F. cheapies <VBG> !!!

Please visit MY site at:


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