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[Mgs] alternator sold by moss?

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Subject: [Mgs] alternator sold by moss?
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 12:22:17 +0000 (UTC)
Greetings Fellow Mg persons. 

Funny, turns out that when you disconnect the ground on your mg while it's 
running, it will wreck the alternator. 

P.O put a Bosche alt. kit from moss in the mg before I found out this valuable 
Does anyone know what the alt. comes from? They always want to know the make, 
model, year of the car, but this was an aftermarket kit. 

also, I am offered a Jaguar MK 2. year unknown. seems to be missing a 
jaguar list. Perhaps for good reason. 
I would like to find out the year of this car. 
I can email the #s found on the plate under the bonnet if anyone has the book 
to look it up. otherwise I'll go to Amazon and pay more money. 

I have seen the car, it has rust. Big suprize there! 
old toggle type switches. 
push button strater switch. 
that great jag engine and a 4sp with overdrive. 

Tempting, though of course, I hear a faint voice crying softly "run!! run as 
fast as you can! 
while the angel (or is it the other way around?)on the other shoulder whispers 
quietly about how cool the car would be after a bit of work. 

email me privately if you can help. 
I'll send the numers on the plate. 


Already too many cars, what's one more? 
Suggested annual donation  $12.75

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