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Re: [Mgs] alternator sold by moss?

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Subject: Re: [Mgs] alternator sold by moss?
From: Peter Caldwell <>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 13:00:22 -0600
I don't specifically know what Moss sells for this, but over the 
years the most popular as it was easiest is from a Ford Fiesta (not 
Festiva). The Fiesta was in the late 70's front wheel drive made in 
Germany from the British Ford Cortina engine. So, the mountings, etc. 
worked for the Lucas alternator when in a Cortina, and of course the 
German Fiesta would've used the Bosch unit. They freely interchange, 
and the Bosch unit is/was 55 amps.
         Peter C
BTW, it is NEVER a good idea to unplug an alternator while the car is 
running... any car.

At 06:22 AM 3/11/2010, wrote:
>Greetings Fellow Mg persons.
>Funny, turns out that when you disconnect the ground on your mg 
>while it's running, it will wreck the alternator.
>P.O put a Bosche alt. kit from moss in the mg before I found out 
>this valuable information.
>Does anyone know what the alt. comes from? They always want to know 
>the make, model, year of the car, but this was an aftermarket kit.
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