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Re: [Mgs] clutch slave cylinder hose

Subject: Re: [Mgs] clutch slave cylinder hose
From: MGBOB <>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 10:51:45 -0400
  In the dark and the dirt, this can be a hassle.  Unfasten the slave
cylinder, then access to the hose ends is a bit easier.  You might need a
Whitworth adjustable wrench for this job. Left-handed ones are best. 

On Wed, 17 Mar 2010 18:34:07 -0600 "Councill, David"
<> writes:
> I am battling the infamous slave cylinder hose and it seems a 
> tighter
> fit in the Mk1 MGB (64). I am trying to remove it but am trying to
> figure out the tool I need. I lowered my largest crowfoot wrench 
> (3/4")
> to gauge the size of the nut and its too small. Does anyone know 
> the
> size wrench I need for this? And maybe the preferred tool for 
> removing
> and replacing?
> David Councill
> 64 B
> 67 BGT
> 72 B
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