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Re: [Mgs] clutch slave cylinder hose

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Subject: Re: [Mgs] clutch slave cylinder hose
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Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 09:16:28 -0600
Based on the replies, it looks like I did not go into enough detail. I
have already removed the slave cylinder and I also removed the steel
hose that connects to the other side of this flexible hose. Both were
fairly easy to undo. The problem is the nut holding the hose to the
chassis bracket. Trying to undo it under the car I have to do it by
feel; topside I have to deal with limited space and need to extend
myself. Ed at JustBrits has suggested moving the steel line and using a
deep socket. Or if I could determine the proper size crowfoot wrench, I
think that might work. But my question was/is what size I am looking at.
I know it's a fair bit larger than 3/4" - possibly a 7/8" but I'm just
guessing. I could probably use an adjustable wrench but due to the size
of the nut, I probably need at least an 8" wrench and more room, meaning
having to remove the starter and probably the oil filter. I'll get the
hose off this weekend, one way or another, just looking for the most
efficient way.

David Councill

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  In the dark and the dirt, this can be a hassle.  Unfasten the slave
cylinder, then access to the hose ends is a bit easier.  You might need
a Whitworth adjustable wrench for this job. Left-handed ones are best.
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