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[Mgs] Engine Frustration

To: <>
Subject: [Mgs] Engine Frustration
From: "Craig Straub" <>
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 14:32:47 -0500
Hi Group,

Well two weeks ago I tried to start my MGB after getting the motor two years 
ago.  Before trying to start the engine, I had all the spark plugs out 
turned the engine over till I got good oil pressure then I put the plugs 
back in.  The next day tried to start it.  It tried to start then all of a 
sudden the engine stopped turning over.  Thought I had a bad battery.  Took 
the battery to the parts store and had it tested, no problems with the 
battery.  However I did notice I was having a problem with the ground wire. 
I got a new battery ground wire put it on and tried again. Tried to start 
again failed again.  This time took starter off thinking maybe the starter 
was hanging up.  WRONG!

The motor is still frozen.  Just really frustrated right now.  Any 
suggestions on quick checks I can do?


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