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Re: [Mgs] Engine Frustration

To: Craig Straub <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] Engine Frustration
From: Richard Ewald <>
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 13:27:21 -0700
Remove the plugs.
Disable the ignition system.
Does the engine turn over w/ the starter?
Were the cylinders full of coolant or fuel? (Now you know why I said  
to disable the ignition*)coolant= head gsk or cracked head. Fuel =  
carbs flooding.
No?  Put a socket on the crank pulley and try to turn by hand. Turns?   
Probably a voltage drop problem with the starter circuit.
Doesn't turn?  Mechanical issue inside engine.
Have fun
* ask me what happens if you don't disable the ign.

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On Mar 20, 2010, at 12:32, "Craig Straub" <>  

> Hi Group,
> Well two weeks ago I tried to start my MGB after getting the motor  
> two years ago.  Before trying to start the engine, I had all the  
> spark plugs out turned the engine over till I got good oil pressure  
> then I put the plugs back in.  The next day tried to start it.  It  
> tried to start then all of a sudden the engine stopped turning  
> over.  Thought I had a bad battery.  Took the battery to the parts  
> store and had it tested, no problems with the battery.  However I  
> did notice I was having a problem with the ground wire. I got a new  
> battery ground wire put it on and tried again. Tried to start again  
> failed again.  This time took starter off thinking maybe the starter  
> was hanging up.  WRONG!
> The motor is still frozen.  Just really frustrated right now.  Any  
> suggestions on quick checks I can do?
> Thanks,
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