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Re: [Mgs] first drive of the year

To: Bill Saidel <>,Paul Root <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] first drive of the year
From: Barrie Robinson <>
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 16:31:59 -0400
hello folks,

Took my MGB GT V8 for a short spin today, City of Barrie (yes yes, 
I'm Barrie from Barrie), Ontario. - great with rebuilt 5 speed 
gearbox (courtesy of Ted Schumacher).  Absolutely fabulous day.  As 
to all you young fellas, wait 'til you grow up - so says me at 75 !

At 12:26 PM 3/30/2010, Bill Saidel wrote:
>But Paul, where are you writing from? North Dakota??? Two Saturdays 
>ago, I pulled my 76B out of the garage for the proverbial winter 
>maintenance (oil change, spark plug change, quick battery charge) 
>and took my SO for an hour's trip around Southern New Jersey. And 
>old and frail?????? try 62....
>But it was soooo nice driving in a sunny 60 degree 
>environment....yea, I know what you mean about "Good to be back."
>Bill Saidel
>Paul Root wrote:
>>I drove my 77 'B into work today. First drive of the year.
>>It was about 47 degrees, top up as I'm old and frail (46 :-) ). The car ran
>>fine, but the temperature gauge never climbed above the edge of the blue down
>>by the C.
>>I stopped at a convinence store 13 miles in and a mile away from 
>>the office. 3
>>minutes in for my morning drink, and the engine didn't want to 
>>start. A couple
>>minutes of cranking and it came to life. So I've got some diagnostic work to
>>Last week, when I pulled the car out of storage, I removed the heater valve
>>and put in my home made (plumbing ball valve) valve. I haven't gotten around
>>to hooking up the controls, so it's wide open. Which could be a 
>>symptom of the
>>temperature gauge.  I did top up the radiator fully.
>>Good to be back in the car.
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