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RE: [oletrucks] "thunk" is rarely a good noise

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Subject: RE: [oletrucks] "thunk" is rarely a good noise
From: "ROGER GLEASON" <rogerg@maverick.facil.uconn.edu>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 16:12:24 -500
> You missed a clue Grant.  He said "... turn of the key yielded only ..."
> Sounds like he has a solenoid system, not a foot starter.
> If all of Grant's other very good troubleshooting suggestions 
> do not solve your problem you can either replace or (if you are 
> incredibly cheap like me) fix the solenoid yourself.
> I learned how to double the life of a solenoid from a Chevy 
> mechanic in the early sixties.
> Remove the solenoid from the starter.  
> Remove the plastic end cap from the solenoid.
> Turn the 2 large studs in the cap a half turn which will 
>       expose new unused contact surface.  These studs have a 
>       square shoulder under the head that allows them to be installed 
>       in any of 4 positions, but only 2 positions will work correctly.
>       Make sure you turn them a half turn. 
> Use emery cloth (several steps coarse to fine) on the copper 
>       alloy disk removing the pitted/corroded/arched material.
> Re-assemble and re-install on the vehicle.  
> Most of the time the solenoid will be as good as new.  Of course 
> someone may have already done this once, in which case you probably 
> need a new solenoid.
Before you buy a new solenoid... I've found another 
method...find another solenoid and remove a good bolt from it 
and install it in yours!!!!
Just a trick another old mechanic (me) found by being 
resourceful...It must be the irish (Mc Icver) in me!

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