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Re: [Oletrucks] best place to buy restoration parts...

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Subject: Re: [Oletrucks] best place to buy restoration parts...
From: Leon Corley <lcorley2@att.net>
Date: Sun, 02 May 2010 07:20:44 -0500
Hi Henry,

I have had good luck with all the vendors that service the hobby.
I purposefully buy from multiple sources because I want to help ensure 
that they all stay in business, including my local FLAPS.  I usually 
check to see who has the best price including shipping on the complete 
set of things I need at a given time, and order from them.  Sometimes I 
re-arrange my work plan to fit what's on sale.

Here's a short list of  suppliers I've had good results from --
Patricks Antique Cars - Engine parts, manufacturer of Fenton intake and 
Brothers Trucks,
Classic Parts of America,
Jim Carter,

BTW, I have a 4-core radiator with trans cooler for the AD trucks if 
you're gong to run a v-8.
I bought it and discovered it's too thick to work with an inline without 
some core support mods.

> Date: Sat, 1 May 2010 11:58:40 -0600
> From: henry rhone <henry@signalpeak.net>
> Subject: [Oletrucks] best place to buy restoration parts for 1954 3100
>       chevy
> To: oletrucks@autox.team.net
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> I am doing the second restoration on my 54 five window 3100 and am  
> wondering if there is a best place to purchase parts.
> Need lots of parts and don't want to be buying from a lot of different  
> vendor's.  Need wiring, radiator, engine replacement bolt's,
> rubber, list goes on and on.  Any suggestion's appreciated.

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