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Re: Shop Rags

Subject: Re: Shop Rags
From: Scott Hall <>
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 00:30:29 -0400 (EDT)
On Thu, 1 Aug 2002 wrote:

> That's more or less what I do.  Soak them in hot water, oxyclean, and some 
> liquid laundry detergent.  Change the water after a day, and repeat a couple 
> times, then wash in the washer.  I don't bother with really oily/grease 
> covered ones.  I'd think you could leave a soaking bucket in the shop, and 
> throw the used rags into to it as you got them dirty.  

I've been reading this thread and I've got to ask: what kind of rags are
we talking about here?  at first I thought it was the 100 for $3 red ones
you get from autozone, etc., but whenever I've used them I've thought
they were worthless, worse than bounty paper towels.  not worth cleaning.

if y'all know of better quality towels I've been overlooking somewhere,
please let on.  I don't like the blue paper towels and the viva (I think
that's the brand we have at home) work okay, but I'd like something a
little better.  kinda like three of the red ones sewn together.

wrt the where to wash them issue, I do the coin laundry thing with the
coveralls I wear.  the people that seem to work there when I go don't seem
to care what I'm washing.  I'd use the washer at home but the s/o says the
grande washers at the laundry do a better job of removing the grease and
other goop that invariably gets ground into the coveralls.  could be she
just doesn't want them in the washer at home, I guess.


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