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Re: Rear View Mirror Adhesive?

Subject: Re: Rear View Mirror Adhesive?
From: Diane and Roland Dudley <>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 09:49:39 -0700

Thanks for the feedback.  I only wished your suggestions would do the
trick.  Believe me, I've tried all of them- more than once!  I don't
the problem is that the adhesive isn't sticking to either the glass or
mounting button.  There's still plenty of adhesive residue on both
My guess is that this stuff just isn't strong enough.  In fact, I got a
from someone who has experienced the same problem on his Ford
Bronco, and I thing this might be a clue.  Mirror assemblies on larger 
vehicles (mine's an Astro Van) are often heavier than the ones on
cars.  My experience has been that once glued the mirror does tend to
in place as long as no one tries to readjust it.  I think the last time I

reattached it was about 2 years ago.  Usually I'm the only one who
drives it, but recently both my wife and son drove it and both readjusted
the mirror.  When I tried moving it back, it came loose.  Apparently
readjustments were the kiss of death for the adhesive.

Since I didn't start having this problem until after the windshield
I have to assume that whatever GM used originally to attach the mirror
much stronger than the Permatex adhesive.

I suppose I could try my local Chevy dealer.


On Thu, 10 Apr 2003 06:19:44 -0500 "Karl Vacek" <>
> The adhesive is a good product and will hold just like when the car 
> was new.
> Before applying it, however, you need to get the glass CLEAN.  
> There's
> probably a good deal of stuff on the windshield you'd never suspect 
> -
> silicone being the worst offender.  Even new glass has lots of 
> invisible
> film on it from manufacturing, shipping, and installation.  Many 
> glass
> cleaners also leave films, and of course smoke, outgassing of 
> interior paint
> and upholstery, etc. adds more contamination.
> Use a razor blade to clean off all the old adhesive.  Clean the 
> windshield
> with lacquer thinner on a clean cotton cloth - use an old white 
> t-shirt,
> etc. - no paper towels (all kinds of binders, soluble plastics, etc. 
> in
> them).  Clean again with a razor blade and again with lacquer 
> thinner on
> another clean piece of cotton cloth.  Finally buff clean with yet a 
> third
> small piece of clean cotton cloth.
> Do the same with the metal piece that you need to attach to the 
> windshield.
> NOW you should be able to get a good bond, following manufacturer's
> application instructions.
> Good luck !
> Karl Vacek
> > This at the fourth, maybe even the fifth time my rear view mirror
> > has fallen off since I had the windshield replaced a few years 
> back.

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