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Re: [Shop-talk] Quality Ratchets

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Quality Ratchets
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 04:43:29 +0000
I remember that thread!

kobalt is made by williams, which also owns snap-on.  kobalt is not made by 

and the mac/craftsman/husky tools do not all use the same forgings.  I have 
some mac ratchets that do not have a comparable (older) craftsman 
model--they're just too differently shaped to come off the same forging/die.  
and like he said--you can't get the mac ratchet mechanism anywhere but mac.  
well, the *really* old craftsman stuff is pretty nice--like 40-50 years ago.  
but everything that's stanley craftsman from the mid-'80s on, not as much.

now the new craftsman stuff is obviously matco.  it's just not polished.  I 
don't like matco, but if I did, I'd just shop sears instead.   the kobalt stuff 
I've seen does not seem to share any snap-on stuff.

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>          I've kept this post since it appeared on the list in 2003.  It was 
> a repost of a message from 1999 off some other list from a guy that worked 
> at Stanley:


> Then again, IBM once didn't see Microsoft as a
> serious force in the personal computer business.
> Hmmmm.... Regards, Greg Hutmacher (now back in lurk mode)
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