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Re: Rear Axle Leak

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Subject: Re: Rear Axle Leak
From: "Mike Gigante" <mikeg@vicnet.net.au>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 11:12:50 -0700
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Here is my $0.02 on this stuff.

1) I use heavy duty sealed bearings instead of the standard type.

2) I use brakekleen or acetone to remove all traces of oil/grease from
the hub and the outside seating surface of the bearing

3) i use Loctite medium strength retaining compound on the outer
seating surface

4) I use a large drift to knock the old bearing out and the old bearing
to knock the new bearing in. I put a piece of plate over the old bearing
which is, in turn, over the new bearing, and gently tap the plate with a
hammer, trying very carefully to keep it going in straight.

4a) I use a screwdriver to pick out the old seal and a small brass drift
to *push* the new seal in place. This happens between removing old bearing
and putting in new bearing of course.

5) apply a thin layer of grease on the banjo oil seal seat.
Clean the inner bearing seat and the bearing seat on the banjo with
brakkleen or acetone and use retaining compound again
on the banjo bearing seat.

6) knock hub on with large socket over inner seat.

7) tighten up and use new O-rings/gaskets. (you can get away with the old
ones most of the time but I *hate* having to repeat a job!)

The acetone and retaining compound ensure that the bearing can't rotate
in the hub or on the seat. That rotating causes serious wear. For slightly
tired old hubs, the retaining compound makes the difference between
leaking hubs and non-leakers.

If you still have leaking hubs after this, then you need to use a


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From: Greg MAHNEY <mahney@central.murdoch.edu.au>
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Date: Tuesday, September 22, 1998 5:56 PM
Subject: Re: Rear Axle Leak

>There is actually an Oil sel in there as well.  It is in the hub, right
>next to the wheel bearing.
>I did mine a couple of weekends ago.  I "drifted" the old one out with a
>screwdriver, and Drifted a new one in, after coating it with oil, with a
>large socket and then a bit of wood.
>I'll be interested to know whether more experienced listers have a more
>elegant method.
>BTW, mines not leaking at the moment.
>I'm told you also have to make sure that air vent thingy on top of the diff
>is clear of muck.  I couldn't actually see how that is meant to work - mine
>just seems to seal the hole??
>At 10:37 PM -0700 21/9/98, shk wrote:
>>I'm having a bad week.  My driver's side rear axle is leaking.  I have
>>replaced the o-ring & gasket but it is still leaking.  I tried taking
>>it apart and looking for obvious problems but found none.  It is
>>leaking at a pretty healthy pace.  What am I overlooking?
>Greg Mahney in Perth, Western Australia.
>Mk 2A, Sprite, with a 948 engine (and it's my wife's anyway!)
>e-mail:  mahney@central.murdoch.edu.au

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