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Date: Wed, 07 Jul 1999 12:51:24 -0400
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Working on my doors, I managed to actually get a door to latch and lock
last night.  I was impressed!  I have to give the door a good slam, but
by golly it sticks.  I may just think I'm slamming it since I have been
babying this car since I got it back from the paint shop.

Question 1:  I had to order plinths to mount the door mirrors to the
doors.  This is a '75/'76.  Can the side mirrors be mounted to the doors
from the outside?  In other words, can I go ahead and finish assembling
my door without the mirrors (installing the glass, etc) and still be
able to mount the mirrors later?

Question 2:  I got the additional door lock fitting kit from Moss, which
consists of a regular washer, a slotted washer, and two screws.  I found
I didn't have enough room (thickness) to use both washers, so I just
used the slotted washer and let the screws push agains the internal
metal of the door.  Anybody used these, and what was your experience?



J. Adrian Barnes
Business Information Group

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