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To: Spridgets <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: Car-o-scope
From: Chris Kotting <ckotting@iwaynet.net>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 11:40:06 -0400
Reply-to: Chris Kotting <ckotting@iwaynet.net>
Sender: owner-spridgets@autox.team.net
Quoting the Car-O-Scope (based on my '77 Midget):

"Boy oh boy, Chris, you picked a vehicle which is just about perfect for
you. Congratulations! For example, when compared to other people who own
a MG Midget, you're just about the same in terms of how much you really
care about your car, your educational level, and status consciousness."

"But there are some psychographic and/or demographic measures on which
you differ from other MG Midget owners. For example, you're a bit too
old to be driving this vehicle, and you're a little too much of a

Too old AND too much of a risk taker for a Midget?

It then goes on to suggest that I should be driving:

1. Volkswagen Westphalia
2. Volkswagen Bus
3. Mitsubishi Montero
4. Isuzu Trooper II
5. Audi 80


Rather than having an identity crisis, I think I'll just go for a

Chris Kotting

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