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Re: high r.p.m.

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Subject: Re: high r.p.m.
From: RBHouston@aol.com
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 16:25:08 EDT
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In a message dated 7/25/99 9:11:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
cfchrist@earthlink.net writes:

<< respond well to a lot of T.L.C. in preperations.  in the end you have a
 giant killer in sheeps clothes!  but it does not come in a spray can or by
 purchasing a spefic cam like the chevy boys do it.    oh yes also a
 seriously ported head and good exhaust system also are big factors in the
 power being generated . so lots of preperation and homework some really big
 mistakes( best remembered and hardest learned) result in making some serious
 modifications reliable enough to go forth and slay giants!    chuck. >>

Good stuff Chuck.  Sorry that in your battles against the giants one 
obviously cut off your pinkies...or do the shift keys not work on your 

Robert Houston
old enough to remember a newspaper column supposedly written by a cockroach 
jumping on a typewriter's keys, and thus lacking capitals and 

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