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Date: Sat, 31 Jul 1999 21:20:03 -0000
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retired early (thursday) and stayed to assist friend with a morgan.  pocono
intl. raceway was a sklick venue for my newly restored and untested saab 2
stroke h-modified 1960's sports racer. handling problems at high speed and
running hot dictated i temper my desire to go fast and retire to it's garage
for some specific research and develpoment in suspension and cooling system.
on another note.........mini's,  mgb's and spridgets were well represented.
tommorrow is the final races (wich i will miss*  tears welling up in my
eyes*) and decided to do the family thing.  (peace keeping mission).  still
on the trailer and didnt destroy anything so i can go and play another day.
wanted to take bugeye up today for touring runs and was told that they didnt
want to have real race cars with civilians as passengers in them(liability
thing) .  so what do i see trailing a bunch of street cars?  a full race mid
60's vette with a passenger in it screaming down the front straight!  man my
bugeye would have been so sweet up around a hundred mph on the banking
droping down into the road course!  and i left it at home because it was
decided on friday i was told it was too fast and a liability!  ummm dosent a
v8 racing vette have more power? let alone cylinders?  hey this is
discrimination!  where's my lawyer?  LOL! oh well maybe next year?  oh i see
i didnt mention...at noon there were touring runs for charity.  that was
when i wanted to go out and run my car.  friends mustang was doing 120mph!
i wanted to play too! well thats my svra at pocono report.  chuck.

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