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Re: Marvel Mystery Oil Questions 2003 11:47:46 -0600

To: toyman@digitex.net (Brad Fornal)
Subject: Re: Marvel Mystery Oil Questions 2003 11:47:46 -0600
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2003 14:06:51 -0500 (EST)
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You know Brad, you remind me of Kramer
in the episode where he feeds the horse 
pulling the Handsome Cab he's driving around Central Park while the
owner/driver is on vacation (and he takes George's finance's parents for
a Moonlight drive on their umpteenth wedding anniversary) all the
Beefaroni left over the from the "bargain" jumbo sized can he picked up
along with olives and whatnot
on sale at the local Kosco's....

....I mean, what the f%#*
are you gonna to do with all tha MMO?

OK, you weirdo you...<vbg>

Small amounts can be added to gasoline
as a general fuel system top cylinder lubricant, though I don't recall
the dosage.

It can be added to regular engine oil as
a general "supplement" and is an excellent hydraulic lifter lubricant
and "free-er upper" as well...
which is great news considering you don't have these on your cool little

Like 3in1, It's good oil can stuff for
steel or brass zippers on tonneau covers,
cables and linkages, door hinges and jambs, etc.

I think the stuff is basically 20wt and if so,
you can use it in SU carbs. If it's thicker
than this, you can use it to richen the
mixture on acceleration with freer breathing alluminum or flowed heads
(together with red springs of course,
assumng the 1.25 carbs with H6 or M

It is THE recommended lubricant for
Judson blowers in accordance with US
Judson guru, George Folchi, who cautions
all such users not to leave home without
it. (I, myself, like the thinner synthetics..)

I don't know about it's use on guns...the
stuff has a syrupy coating action which
attracts dust, etc. ..... not good in this
case I would think!! :)

Or, you can put in smaller containers and
make dough by selling it on ebay advertising it as a "miracle Texas
lubricant"! <vbg>

(And Ed is gonna have a field day with
this one, for sure!:)

Cap'n. Bob (Ret'd)
      '60 Frog

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