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RE: Marvel Mystery Oil Questions

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Subject: RE: Marvel Mystery Oil Questions
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 11:13:34 -0600
A bit late on this reply, but I'll throw in my 2 cents.  
Dave Raymond, I guy who's wrenched old (REAL old) MGs for years, persuaded
me to use it as an upper cylinder lube in my 1250 MGTD many years ago.  The
T-series MG motor has a tendency to drop valves when driven relentlessly at
freeway speeds (like long-distance runs to meets).  Dave suggested I buy a
"top-end oiler" which recommended MMO as a lube in its instructions.  The
oiler is basically a mason jar attached to the intake manifold with an
adjustable valve that determines the amount of oild introduced into the
intake charge.  Supposed to be nice to your valves and your cylinder bores.
I never installed the device, but have been adding 4 oz per 10 gallons gas
ever since.  It makes me feel soooooo good.  Have no idea how the engine
feels, but it has had no top-end problems.  Can only compare it to my TR3:
It gets the cheapest gas, K-mart 10-40 oil (fresh every 3-4 years whether it
needs it or not) and had its valves adjusted in 1994 AND 1986, right after I
bought it.  (Obviously, I'm not a Triumph nut).  Ya know what?  No top-end
problems there either.  

Conclusion:  who knows!!!    But when I compare the neglect the TR gets to
the care I give the MGs, I can't help but conclude that once we afficionados
get our hands on these cars, they are so under-utilized and so
over-maintained that it's hard to know if anything really makes a difference
in longevity.


P.S.  Hope I did not cause unneccesary anguish for TR folks in the pub.

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> Subject:      Marvel Mystery Oil Questions
> I just got back from the flea market, with a 5 gallon can of Marvel
> Mystery Oil, man I love a bargain! I know it lists many uses, but I want
> real life applications. Would list members be willing to share their
> personal uses and experiences with this stuff? I have had great luck in
> freeing up frozen motors.
> Please, no old wives tales or FOAF (friend of a friend) stories.
> Thanks!!
> Brad
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