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Re: Worst smell (Re: Modern Old F**ts

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Subject: Re: Worst smell (Re: Modern Old F**ts
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 20:11:58 -0600
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Subject: Worst smell (Re: Modern Old F**ts

> --- David Carpenter <d.carpenter7@verizon.net> wrote:
> > Worst smell - driving through Nebraska in the late
> > 50's, no AC, 55
> > Chebby wagon, all windows and tailgate window wide
> > open.
> Lake Charles, Louisiana.  When the wind is from the
> west, you get Eau de Next Town Over, a refinery town
> which is named "Sulfur".  Really.

It is obvious that none of you have had the pleasure of driving downwind of
a tannery!
The delightful eau of hydrogen sulfide wafting through the air is not to be
forgotten. It puts even the best attempts of a northern Wisconsin paper mill
to shame, uric acid and all.
Nonetheless, as I have been informed by someone who had the experience, if
you live downwing of a tannery you will get used to even that. Amazing what
your nose can program out.
David Lieb
No leather upholstery in my Midgets ;-(

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