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Advice needed, Bugeye for sale

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Subject: Advice needed, Bugeye for sale
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 08:24:54 -0600
You may or may not recall that I tried to sell my Bugeye
a couple of months ago.  It was all apart, and I finally
put it up on Ebay starting at $3000.

Well, I got no takers....

So, I put it back together (since I am unemployed, now)
in an attempt to garner more interest.

Had 24 bids on it this time.

Problem is, my reserve was set at $2500 (which I think
is fair)

Oh great Spridgeters, what should I do?

Hold out and try to sell it again, or take a low bid?

We could really use the money, unfortunatly, or I would
consider keeping it (and just may).

Here is the auction:

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