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Subject: Re: Tell me why
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 13:16:45 -0500
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Call them whatever YOU want...

Things evolve and happen... don't fight entropy.  You can not make order 
and sense of everything.  Just ride the inertia an enjoy the cars or 
automobiles, or vehicles, or horseless carriages, or autos, or... whatever.


b-evans@earthlink.net wrote:

> Tell me why people own classic cars insist on calling them "LBC" or 
> "Little British Cars"?  Let's get it straight folks, they are LEC's or 
> Little English Cars.  They were not made in Wales, they were not made 
> in Scotland, they were not made in Northern Ireland, they were not 
> made in the Channel Isles.  They were made in ENGLAND!
> Tell me why people who own what are now known as "Mark I" Sprites use 
> English terms such as bonnet, hood, cheerio, etc., still refuse to 
> call the cars by their ENGLISH name:  Frogeyes?  That is FROGEYE, as 
> in frogs, as in Kermit!  After all, they are far more loveable than a 
> flie or mosquito!  Or cockroach!
> Buster Evans

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