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Subject: Re: Tell me why
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> Tell me why people own classic cars insist on calling them "LBC" or
> "Little British Cars"?  Let's get it straight folks, they are LEC's or
> Little English Cars.

> Tell me why people who own what are now known as "Mark I" Sprites use
> English terms such as bonnet, hood, cheerio, etc., still refuse to call
> the cars by their ENGLISH name:  Frogeyes?  That is FROGEYE, as in
> frogs, as in Kermit!  After all, they are far more loveable than a flie
> or mosquito!  Or cockroach!

Re-read your post. Since they ARE made in England and since ALL of England
is IN (perfect subset) Great Britain, they are unarguably made in Great
Britain. To quote the great Englishman, Michael Flanders, of Flanders and
Swann musical fame, there is a very simple test involved. If England does
something good, it is "Another victory for Great Britain"; if it messes
something up it is "England fouls up again". Therefore, your insistence on
trying to get us to call our LBCs "Little English Cars" is implying that
they are disasters rather than the joys we all know and love. I also happen
to know that there were quite a few workers at the Abingdon MG plant where
our Spridgets were built who were Irish and commuted home for the weekends.
So there ;-)

It also happens that the eyes of frogs are accurately described as
"bug-eyed". Might as well cut out the middleman (ooh, do I hear Benny Hill
theme music?) and call the car a Bugeye. If you do a little more research,
you will find that our friends in Oz also call them "Bugeyes". Since there
are more Bugeyes in Australia and the USA than there are in England, I would
suggest that you take on the more reasonable crusade of converting your
English friends.
David Lieb

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