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Subject: Re: [Spridgets] Weber to SUs
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Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 18:45:46 -0700
I think I would go with the intake manifold.  Need one?

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Well I tried the ABC needles in the swing needle 1.25 SUs, I didn't like 
Now I am running stock AUD-136 fixed needle 1.25 SUs and they are almost 
as nice as the DCOE.
Please note *almost* The car runs well, I almost have it tweaked in 
perfectly, just a little stumble on a hard left turn which has me 
puzzled.  Must be float level.
There was a significant difference between the swing needle and the 
fixed needle carbs. Does anybody know why?
I rebuilt both sets, the jets were set at 12 flats down to fire up, I 
had to turn the swing needle jets down almost 30 flats just do it would 
run decent. Fixed needle carbs are 12 flats give or take a couple now 
that I have tweaked them in.
My next problem is that I used a no hole intake and was going to use the 
tubes from the swing needle carbs for PCV.
So I replaced those carbs with the early set with no tubes, now I have 
to change the intake because oil is squirting out of every nook and 
cranny, puddling up under the car and blowing out the oil filler cap.
No PCV means lots of oil leaks. But I had to clean under the bonnet 
anyway ;)
So I am wondering, just swap out the fixed needle pistons into the swing 
needle carb bodys so I have the tubes for PCV and still have the fixed 
Or replace the intake with one with a hole in the middle for the PCV valve?

Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ
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