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[Spridgets] Gasoline/Diesel $

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Subject: [Spridgets] Gasoline/Diesel $
From: "Norm 2Bs" <twobees@sprynet.com>
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2008 19:58:29 -0400
While we sit here & complain about our $3.35 - $3.50 a gallon gas, what are
Europeans paying?  Last time I drove there was 12 years ago & gas was c.
$6.00 per US gallon.
Strange thing -- during the time regular pump gas has gone from $2/gal to
$3.50, race gas has only gone up by about the same dollar amount -- <$6.00
to $7.00.  Percentage-wise that's a lot less.
And, what's with diesel?  It used to be that it was always less than
regular.  Now it's more than premium.  It is alleged that it is because of
the new low-sulphur regs.  Is it?
Norm Sippel
'59 Turner
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