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Re: [Spridgets] cooling system issues revised---Help

To: ryan.kubanoff@comcast.net, spridegt autovox
Subject: Re: [Spridgets] cooling system issues revised---Help
From: Lester <oldsaabguy@comcast.net>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 21:32:31 -0500
I have similar symptoms although not as severe..  my current diagnosis  
is the my radiator cap, as yours may be, is not actually sealing on  
the inner section.  I noticed this because there is nice shiny brass  
for a section of the inner ring of the filler neck but not the entire  
way around.  My guess is that the filler neck is not "square".


.. no, I haven't fixed mine either..

On Apr 24, 2008, at 8:42 PM, ryan.kubanoff@comcast.net wrote:

> Kate and mike,
> I replaced the radiator cap with a 13 lbs one before i attemoted the  
> thermostat change.  That when I found out there was no thermostat  
> and a bunch of rust wher it should have been. thats why i did the  
> coolant flush after flushing the engine block and backflusshing the  
> radiator with a garden hose.  I had the heating valve open but the  
> heat off.
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> From: Kate <kgb@frontiernet.net>
>> First, every Spridget has a working temp gauge. It's called your  
>> right
>> leg. Is the valve for your heating system open or closed? When it is
>> open, it adds a little more area to allow for better engine cooling.
>> If it's closed, after you open it, you will need to run your engine a
>> few minutes, then add enough coolant to compensate.
>> Kate
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