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Re: [Spridgets] cooling system issues revised---Help

To: "'David Lieb'" <dbl@chicagolandmgclub.com>,
Subject: Re: [Spridgets] cooling system issues revised---Help
From: "Bud Osbourne" <abcoz@hky.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 10:33:23 -0400
Ryan (and others having similar problems),
Do yourself a favor, and have the cooling system pressure-tested, by
someone who knows what they're doing.  From what I've read, on this
thread (and I confess to not reading all of it), it sounds suspiciously
like a head gasket problem, to me.  Anyway, you can spend a lot of time
& money (parts & coolant) groping blindly for a cure, or you can just
have it pressure-tested by a competent radiator shop, or trust-worthy
repair shop and find out where the problem truly is.
Spring is here.  Don't waste your time trying to out-smart yourself
(something we are ALL guilty of, at one time or another).  Get to the
root of the problem quickly (pressure-test), fix it, and enjoy driving
Oh, yeah....one more thing: get that temp gauge fixed NOW, before you
cook your engine.  Engine rebuilds are a WHOLE lot more expensive than
temp gauges.
Bud Osbourne

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To me that says that you have a leak in the radiator. It is a small
leak, so 
you are still building up pressure and shifting coolant out to the
tank, but it sucks in air rather than pulling coolant back from the
David Lieb

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Subject: [Spridgets] cooling system issues revised---Help

> Okay, I have replaced the missing thermostat and did a coolant flush.
> once again after a long ride in traffic she was leaking antifreeze out
> the expansion bottle.  After letting her cool for a few hours I opened
> up and found most of the radiator empty and the expansion bottle
filled to 
> the outlet pipe.  This seems to imply that the coolant is cyling
> the system hitting the expansion tank and then pouring out instead of 
> cycling back into the radiator. Now what?  Oh and for further fun I
> no working temp gauge.
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