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To: tigers@autox.team.net
Subject: MUSIC & TIGERS.
From: LeBrun@hii.hitachi.com
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 96 11:50:45 PST
     -What's the opinions out there about favorite tunes to listen to 
     whilst wrenching on the beasts?
     -Last night while "fiddling about" on our TIGER, I started up a 4-disc 
     CD set of the WHO. Really got me in the right mood short of throwing 
     my tools all over the garage. "My Generation"..."The Ox"...."Magic 
     Bus"...I had visions of Mods vs. Rockers in the '60's and wondered how 
     each group would outfit/race their TIGERS against each other. 
     P.S. a friend recently went to a "collectible" show of some kind. 
     (This is the same persona I get my neon beer lights from). He spotted 
     on a table a STACK (20-30) FOR $5.00 EACH the original 1965/1966 
     Candlestick Park roadrace program featuring the amazing, new, SUNBEAM
     TIGER. If anyone's interested in more copies, I can find out who the 
     seller is. He's local to the Bay Area.

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